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Back to School and Fall Cleaning

Now that the kids have been back to school for a few weeks, it is time to start tackling all of those projects around the house that you didn’t get to over the summer!

Get yourself organized
Organization and cleaning go hand in hand. Some things are easier to tackle while it is still warm out. Projects like cleaning out the garage are best to do now- before the winter weather hits. Take a few minutes to walk through the house and create a to-do list. Plan to work on the outdoor projects and decluttering, attics, basements, and the garage. These jobs are easier to manage now, and you can spread them out to be done before the holiday!

Deep Cleaning
The house has been sealed up all summer with the air conditioning running. It will be sealed up soon again when it is time to turn the heat on. Open the windows up, let the fresh air in, and deep clean everything! Deep cleaning can involve harsh chemicals, especially appliances like the oven, that are best to use when you can air the space out. Now is the best time to clean your carpets! Either professionally or yourself, they will clean and dry better- with the windows open!

Fan, Filters, Lights & Vents
Ceiling fans have probably been running all summer. The air conditioning has been blowing non- stop. The only time we usually think about cleaning these things are when we turn them off! Walk through the house and clean light fixtures, ceiling fans, change out the HVAC filter, and you will be breathing in cleaner air for the rest of the year!

Outside Cleaning
Completing the outdoor cleaning projects is just as important as the inside. Power washing the outside of your house can instantly give your home a facelift! You can also use the power washer to spray out the gutters, clear the sidewalks and rinse out the garage. Many power washing companies will offer special rates for the fall, but this is a job that you can easily do yourself. Your local home improvement store should have rental units available and YouTube is a great resource for learning how to operate it.

Working on one small cleaning project at a time will get your house back into shape and looking great before the holidays! You do not have to do it yourself either! Check with local cleaning companies to see what kind of Fall specials they are offering to assist in achieving a clean and organized house!