Steps to Reduce Risk of COVID-19 in the Workplace

Learn how everyone in your workplace can do their part in protecting the workplace from germs and viruses, and making it a healthier place. Following these protocols in the workplace can help employees feel safe.   Let OCCC help you keep your workplace safe and protected. Leave your cleaning and disinfecting tasks to us –…

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The New Normal of Commercial Cleaning After COVID-19

It’s no question that the COVID-19 outbreak will change forever the protocols of cleaning and disinfecting. Suddenly we’re all rethinking how we clean, when to clean, and what to clean. We anticipate the commercial cleaning industry will take these new learnings and implement positive changes and improvements. Retraining Commercial Crew/Cleaners This pandemic has been an…

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Know the Difference: Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Disinfecting

Now more than ever, it’s critical to clean, sanitize, and disinfect your facility and home regularly to help prevent the spread of germs and viruses. But, do you know the difference between them? No worries if you don’t! Many people actually use these terms interchangeably, but in fact, they mean very different things. Here are…

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Reopening your Workplace: The Benefits of Having an On-Site Porter

Commercial Porter

Returning to Work Post COVID-19 As businesses start to reopen and ease restrictions, employees may have concerns with protocols employers are taking to ensure their safety in the workplace. Along with developing and implementing new policies regarding social distancing, temperature checks, and personal protective equipment (PPE), worksite cleaning and disinfecting routines need to be established.…

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COVID-19: Tips for Keeping Your Home Clean Amid a Pandemic

Home Cleaning for COVID-19

You’ve probably been practicing social distancing and staying home during these times, but sometimes we all have to leave our homes to run essential errands. Always make the assumption that whatever you bring back home from the grocery stores or work is contaminated. Evidence show COVID-19 and other viruses remain viable on surfaces for hours…

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TWO hours house cleaning/$90 NEW CLIENTS ONLY

Start 2020 with new resolutions, those you can afford. Book 2 hours house cleaning service for only $45/hr. Have your bathrooms and kitchen clean by OCC professionals; try and see the difference. Call NOW!

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Back to School and Fall Cleaning

Now that the kids have been back to school for a few weeks, it is time to start tackling all of those projects around the house that you didn’t get to over the summer! Get yourself organized Organization and cleaning go hand in hand. Some things are easier to tackle while it is still warm…

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What You Should Expect From A Professional Cleaning Service

Although each cleaning company is different, you should know what to expect from a good cleaning service. Before your cleaning team arrives, you should ask questions about who will be in your house. You want to make sure that you are hiring a cleaning team that has been vetted and can be trusted. A reputable…

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Benefits of Professional Cleaning Service

No matter how often you diligently do your daily cleaning tasks, eventually your home will need a thorough deep clean, a several hour long task that everyone dreads. Now, if you are like the rest of us, diligently doing your daily tasks is not always a reality. The dishes pile up, the stove top gets…

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