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Professional Commercial Cleaning Services

OCC is a full-service janitorial company for commercial properties, a provider that supports the entire NOVA region including the major cities in Fairfax and Loudoun County, Arlington, Alexandria, Chantilly, Reston, Leesburg, Middleburg, Ashburn. Over more than 15 year history we developed internal service offerings to effectively support commercial, multi-family, retail and special use clients across the entire metro area.

Is YOUR building CLEAN?

This is the must do question. Every time we set foot into a commercial property It’s automatic, immediately we use all sensory perceptions to make a snap-shot assessment on the cleanliness of the building happens “Clean” or “not Clean”. Unfortunately there are no gray areas here. At OCC it’s simple each and every day our buildings HAVE to be CLEAN...no exceptions. Our customers expect it, their employees deserve it and we have the experience and resources to make it happen.So the next time you set foot in a commercial property, ask yourself the question...is this building clean?

Office Commercial Cleaning, Corp

Full-Service Janitorial for Commercial Properties

  • Standard Evening Cleaning Services for properties of all sizes
  • Day-time Cleaning Programs for properties of all sizes
  • Experience team to cover weekend and holiday shifts in commercial properties
  • Specialty Services including: Floor Work, Carpet Cleaning, Special Projects
  • Customized Programs for secure or special-use facilities
  • Porter Services, Day Maid Services & Corporate Housekeeping

GoGreen - Where janitorial and recycling converge!

  • GoGreen is a revolutionary program that is aimed to optimize recyclable material diversion commercial properties
  • The program training our employees to properly manage the commercial trash to designated areas for a properly collection.
  • Cost-savings is generated by shifting material from the regular garbage into recycled materials.

PorterA+ for Multi-family and Retail

  • PorterA+ is based on flexible service options to support Multi-family and Rental properties
  • Garden and high-rise Apartments; Condominiums
  • Scheduled Services for Common Areas and Clubhouses
  • Special Projects such as Carpet Cleaning, Floor Work, Pressure Washing, Event Support
  • Waste-Porting Services (door-step valet, trash room load-out)
  • Property Patrol, Pet-Station Support and more

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