Office Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Services

Package #1

The Basics

Evening cleaning service

Our basic service is designed to guarantee a proper and clean workplace. It includes professional cleaning within your budget to address specific business needs.

Package #2

The Combo

Evening cleaning | Supplies to
common area restrooms

The perfect package for small offices to relieve the tension of office managers/business owners from the cleaning duties. Avoid the common mistakes of overspending in unnecessary cleaning supplies.

Package #3

The Popular

Evening cleaning | Supplies to common area restrooms Floor care

Our popular service will take your workspace cleaning to the next level by improving your office environment at an affordable cost. This service increases your employee productivity and clientele safety.

Package #4

The Money Value

Evening cleaning | Supplies to common area restrooms | Floor care | Day porter

This service gives you more time to take care of your business while also pleasing your tenants and their clients. This package is the perfect combination; you can choose a half or full-day porter to take care of your common areas, building entrances and tenant needs at your disposition – all while not being on your payroll. Additionally, our floor care program will keep the common areas spotless. Minimize the hours your property is unattended all while benefitting from our evening cleaning.

Package #5

The Real Deal

Evening cleaning | Supplies to common area restrooms | Floor care | Day porter Building Jr. Engineer

The Real Deal Package is best fit for medium to large size properties. The benefit of this package is simple; your facility gets full care coverage during and after work hours and the payroll runs on us. Our professional and trained personnel will satisfy your tenant’s needs and will always assist you with the contractors that maintain the facility. We are at your disposition and under your command!



Personnel Availability


Deep and Sanitizing Cleaning

Specialized Cleaning Service


Building Jr. Engineers


From by hand wipe and disinfect clean to electrostatic sprayer equipment we’ve performed hundreds of cleaning projects in all kinds of facilities. So, whether your building is a manufacturing facility, a university, school, hospital, or office building, we can help keep your place germs free. OCC Clean disinfectant solutions are EPA approved and we are equipped with appropriate electrostatic sprayers that can cover up to 28,000 SF in 1hr. Contact Us if you are in need of a deep clean or just need to sanitize your worksite.